Factory automation

Although controllers appear in automation control engineering projects, the field of factory automation requires a different way of thinking.
Drawing on our experience in process control projects and responding to partner demands and our own technical interests, we have continuously expanded our expertise in DCS and developed a strong presence in the field of factory automation. Our daily operations now encompass the design, programming, and implementation of PLC controls using leading platforms such as Siemens TIAPortal, WinCC, Bosch Nexeed, along with HMI display and data collection additions.
Adopting thesystem-oriented approach, we go beyond merely getting the machine to work. We provide production data for top management levels through Industry 4.0, MES, and Cloud storage data collection, with careful attention to cybersecurity.
PLC controls have been present in our daily lives for many years, appearing in almost all industries, whether it is automotive, pharmaceutical, or food. As a result of Covid-19, it has become evident that automation and remote access to production lines is essential. Nowadays, our methods for increasing energy efficiency, implementing energy monitoring and acquiring data are very popular among our partners.
We handle the main engineering tasks of the project in-house with our proficient engineering team. Even after project closure, we remain committed to supporting our partners' operations with on-demand availability and remote monitoring, ensuring continuity and reliability.