Our company has a unique profile in the world of business since several companies around the world deal with the automation of factories, companies, and enterprises, butnot in the full range of development, they focus on system design, procurement, and maintenance. Instead of that, we are involved already in the process at a strategic level and approach the areas to be improved with an objective perspective in our role as consultants.
Our first objective while consulting our partners is to set the perfect balance between human resources and automation, which we determine together with our client. We understand the importance of highly skilled human labour in businesses, so we emphasize this aspect when designing systems and determining the level of automation.
Our consulting process begins with a strategic workshop with the client, followed by the preparation of a comprehensive status report. This report provides top decision-makers with an accurate overview of the company's workflow efficiency and critical risk areas.
Based on the status report, we create a development plan that outlines the most efficient way for the company to operate in terms of time and cost. This plan is tailored to the unique expectations of the client and includes a budget, allowing for calculation of the return on development costs. Upon request, our company also performs return on development calculations as an integral part of the development plan.
Additionally, we offer also support in managing complex development projects, including organizing and implementing the development within the organization, if requested by the client. This ensures that the client can effectively manage even larger-scale developments from a strategic management perspective.