Company Outline

We would like to inform our partners that the registered office of our company will change from March 1, 2021.
Our new headquarters, which is also our new office: 1117 Budapest, Gábor Dénes utca 4. Infopark „C” building.

Profigram is a successful and reliable engineering team for automation and process control knowing no compromise when it comes to the quality of technical solutions or overall customer satisfaction.

In addition to our core business, that is the design and full implementation of PLC-SCADA and DCS systems, we are eager and willing to conduct any instrumentation and process control tasks all over the world.
Our systems come with 24/7 servicing and maintenance activities.

Our core values are

  • reliability
  • expertise
  • versatility
  • flexibility
  • responsibility and
  • positive attitude.

We have been continuously working, learning, developing systems and ourselves since 1998.Thanks to this, Profigram as a company has changed into a concept for our partners as well as our colleagues.

The outcome of our work and the influence of our activities are essential for us.

We put high priority on technical higher education by forming young graduates into successful engineers. Our standalone P.I.P.E., Profigram Integration and Evaluation Program is increasingly popular among university student year by year.

We are active members of several professional organizations such as:

Hungarian Water Cluster, Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, MATE (Scientific Society for Measurement, Automation and Informatics), MAGEOSZ(EBSZ) (Hungarian National Association of Machinery and Power Engineering Industries), MAJOSZ (Association of Hungarian Automotive Component Manufacturers), MET(Hungarian Energy Association), KTE (Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport), MBF (Hungarian Security Forum).

Core activities

Profigram Process Control Ltd. has been acting as a designer and implementer since 1998 all over the world, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, from the Equator to the polar circles and even beyond them, within a temperature range of -35°C and +54°C.

The key of our progressive development and success is that we offer tailor-made comprehensive PLC-SCADA- and DCS-based solutions in several industrial sectors all over the world. We build completely custom-fit systems from standard components in accordance with unique customer demands.

Our core business focuses on energy and its supporting technologies, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and factory automation.

If required, we are ready to implement I&C projects asmain contractor.

Quality assurance / Tenders

Neither our partners, nor Profigram knows any compromise when it comes to quality.

All processes of our company, from design to implementation and documentation, comply with the requirements of a strict quality management system (ISO 9001:2008 standard). Our quality management system has been certified by SGS YARSLEY since 2001.

All our systems undergo precise and documented factory control, when we inspect their overall functionality by our internally developed simulator. We exclusively use quality components in our systems, this way increasing their reliability.

Implementation of comprehensive process control systems

The brain and nervous system of technology are the process control system, either if it is PLC-SCADA or DCS type. We undertake the implementation of these complex systems, from the concept to the maintenance following the installation, and to stand-by availability.

Being the system integrator of numerous well-known and recognized manufacturers (see Partners), we are capable of proposing several alternative solutions for a given task considering all criteria of our customers.

Profigram is often considered to be a ‘Swiss army knife’ when our comprehensive knowledge stemming from more manufacturers is inevitable for the integration of heterogeneous systems and equipment.

For further details and case studies, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Comprehensive implementation of energy supply and distribution systems

We design and implement not only process control systems, but 0.4 kV electrical systems as well.

We supply the necessary quality components and our internally designed cabinets in cooperation with our qualified strategic partners.

Furthermore, we undertake wiring and building cable lines.

Merchandising measuring instruments and control devices

Would you need instruments, PLS parts or DCS components?

Contact us and leave purchasing to us. Aren’t you aware what software license you need? Call us for help.

Engineering tasks, 24/7 availability, troubleshooting

TDesigning, consulting, programming, implementing, installing, on-site project management and 24/7 troubleshooting.

Installation of fire and gas alarm systems

Fire and gas alarm systems often constitute essential parts of process control systems.

Our qualified and certified experts undertake the design, the drawing inspection, the design review and the turnkey implementation of these systems.

Installation of instrument monitoring systems

The key of fail-safe technology does not only lie in quality components, but also in smart maintenance strategy.

For this purpose instrument monitoring systems can provide outstanding support, as they can monitor the deterioration of your equipment and instruments. By this data, maintenance becomes schedulable and measurable, and higher level availability can be assured. For further details and case studies, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Production information systems

Are you interested in how much your plant produces and how much it could do so?

Production management systems tailor-made by Profigram and installed jointly can answer these questions and can also measure downtime.

For further details and case studies, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Developing CHP systems

Combined heat and power generation (CHP)is an increasingly popular and efficient way of energy generation.

Drawing on our references and competencies, we are ready to manage any such project, let it be either in the design or in the implementation phase.

In cooperation with our strategic partners, we are able to solve energy, calculation or cooling issues.

Installation of active radio frequency identification systems

Our company deals with the merchandise and engineering support of RFID, that is radio frequency identification systems and devices.

Our most frequent applications:

  • device location
  • tool identification

If it is needed, we can find the device most suiting your needs by a specific design, and install your system based on that. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Subsidized projects

Our trainings

Trainings of Profigram Ltd. were delivered within the framework of the National Development Plan, cofinanced by the European Union.


HEFOP-3.4.1-08/1.-2008-06-0120/2.0 (Human Resource Development Operative Program)

Training of customer care colleagues: We learnt the technical requirements and strategic steps of customer care dialogues. We also understood that some conflicts might be avoided and some should be taken on, that conflicts needed reaction, and all conflicts could and should be controlled by us.

Official Microsoft product specialist training (3rdmodule): By the completing this module, we acquired useful knowledge on understanding MS Active Directory from the basics to the design.

This program was delivered between 1 July 2008 and 31 December 2008.

The amount of subsidy gained for the trainings was HUF 4 387 500.

Contributing organization:
ESZA Kht. (European Social Fund Nonprofit Ltd.)
H-1134 Budapest, Váciút 45. “C” building

Managing authority:
HEFOP IH (Human Resource Development Operative Program Managing Authority)

National Development Agency

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